I don’t want my brain to die. On this site I will try to keep it alive by writing: about what I would have preached on a given Sunday; about theology and politics and anything else that comes to mind; about ideas that might be shared with others and might, therefore, become useful. Your ideas and comments are welcome.

I have been a priest and an educator; I have worked in cities and the countryside, in parishes, cathedrals and one of the greatest universities in the world. 

I also have the privilege of being the General Secretary of  Modern Church (www.modernchhurch.org.uk) and hope to make contributions through that work that will help people think about their faith and what it means in the world. Modern Church exists to promote critical thinking – what used to be called Liberal Theology – about God and the world.

I’m proud to be called liberal, but mostly I try to be a faithful Christian. My approach to theology is centred on God incarnate in the Life of Jesus; my approach to change is based on following a living God who knows we still have much to learn; I do not believe in most binaries: body/mind, material/spiritual, male/female, gay/straight.